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Porsche Expands The Track Precision App


Porsche is expanding the compatibility of the Porsche Track Precision App (PTPA): Effective immediately, the digital driving trainer is available for further Porsche models.

The number of doors plays no part in the Porsche definition of sportiness. The launch of the sports car manufacturer’s Cayenne model in 2002 is ample proof of this. The range of four-door sports cars has grown steadily since then – and each of these models offers the best performance in its respective segment while cutting a fine figure on the race track.
In recent years, the Porsche Taycan Turbo (2019), Porsche Panamera Turbo S (2020) and Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT (2021) have all set the best times in their respective segments on the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife. It is therefore only logical that Porsche should provide drivers of these model ranges with the same tools for optimising their own personal race track performance as 911 and 718 model owners. For this reason, the Porsche Track Precision App (PTPA) has also been made available for the Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan models with the introduction of the 2022 model year. The Sport Chrono package must be installed in the vehicle to use the app.

The Porsche Track Precision App is a digital driving coach. It helps Porsche drivers with an affinity for motorsport to improve their personal driving style on the race track by collecting and visualising the relevant data. It can be used to optimise braking points, fine-tune turn-in points and identify driver errors. The best lap driven by the driver – in other words, the driver’s own limit – serves as a reference value.

Contact a member of the team on 01642939439 or info@porscheteesside.co.uk for further details on the Porsche Track Precision App.