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Winter Essentials


With winter still hanging over us, it is never too late to prepare for the journeys ahead. We offer a great range of solutions to help tackle winters harsh obstacles and get you to your destination with ease. 

Winter Care Kit 
Care series in a waterproof bag with practical inner compartments. The set includes winter window cleaner concentrate (2 bottles with 1,000 ml each), window cleaner (250 ml bottle), interior glass cleaner (100 ml bottle), ice scraper and a microfibre cleaning cloth. 

Item no: 00004400104

Ice Scraper with Glove
The ice scraper made of robust and cold-resistant polycarbonate ensures a free view in icy and snowy conditions. The lined, waterproof glove protects the hand from cold and moisture. The flexible handle ensures effortless scraping.

Item no: 95B044006

All-weather floor mats 
Four-piece set in attractive design with vehicle silhouette and Porsche logo. Non-slip and impermeable to water, with raised surrounding rim.

Item no: 9Y0044801 1E0

Winter Wheels & Tyres 
Winter and sporty performance go hand in hand. After all, your Porsche is the ideal companion for every season. PorscheTequipment’s winter wheels don’t just visually harmonise with your vehicle, they also meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, safety and driving pleasure. They provide optimum performance- even when it’s cold outside.

Part No. 9J1 073 000 A

Please contact our centre on 01642939439 or info@porscheteesside.co.uk for more details on our winter range.