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The Porsche Jump

The Porsche Jump - Always taking that one extra step


Porsche has restaged the iconic photo of the 356 B model. The Porsche Jump shows two-times Olympic champion Aksel Lund Svindal ski jumping over a Porsche Taycan situated between gigantic walls of snow as high as buildings.

The new version symbolises the mindset of the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer and indicates how Porsche interprets future viability – daring to try new things and boldly forging ahead, always trusting in itself to go that little bit further than others in order to discover the best solution.

The photo of the jump over the Porsche Taycan is a modern reinterpretation of the historic black and white photo and presents a proud look back on the company’s impressive history. 

The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer is the platform on which performance, passion and pioneering spirit become a unique experience. The Porsche Jump is also a tribute to the iconic original of photographer Hans Truöl and skier Egon Zimmermann, who jumped over the Ruby Red Porsche 356 B.

The black and white photo has the ironic subheading ‘On taking a shortcut’ and was taken after the Flexen Pass, near the Austrian ski resort of Zürs, was cleared of an avalanche. To mark the release of the new version, the Porsche Museum will design two high-grade art prints. The reproduction combines the historic image with the reinterpretation and will be available as a set from the Porsche Online Shop at the end of 2021.

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