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January 21

Porsche Calendar 2021 - Icons of Speed


A new year is upon us, and as we get ready for everything that this year has in store, we turn over into the first month of January 2021, being greeted by the 911 Carrera RSR Turbo 2.1 and 911 RSR. 

The Porsche Calendar 2021 is dedicated to the 'Icons of Speed' - showcasing 13 cars whose performance and design are inspirational. What better way to organise important dates and events each month than to turn over to a new Icon of Speed?

The art of getting the maximum performance out of every split second is essential on the race track. The Porsche Calendar 2021 beautifully displays the 'Icons of Speed', that were used to master this art – 13 vehicles that are inspirational not only for their breathtaking performance but also for their iconic design and innovative technology. Both then, and now. 

Dimensions: 55.5 cm x 59 cm x 2 cm

Item number: WAP0920010M

£43.00 RRP incl. VAT

Please contact our Parts department on 01642 939439 or info@porscheteesside.co.uk for further details on the Porsche 2021 Calendar - 'Icons of Speed'.