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Thermal Management of Batteries
Thermal Management of Batteries
Thermal Management of Batteries

Thermal management of batteries


Shorter battery charging times and longer ranges: this is the promise of the predictive thermal management system being developed by Porsche Engineering. The technology ensures that batteries are at the optimal temperature for stopping at the charging station and that fast charging takes only a few minutes. Temperature plays a key role in this: if the cells are too cold or too hot, charging performance drops. Thanks to predictive thermal management, however, this phenomenon could soon be a thing of the past. Software in the car will predict the upcoming course of the trip and control all thermal components so that the battery is at the optimum temperature. This will also prevent unnecessary heating or cooling, which saves energy and increases the range.

“In order to get the battery to the right temperature for charging, the vehicle’s control system has to look further into the future than it does now.” - Björn Pehnert, Lead Engineer Thermal Management.  

Look out for this new technolology on Porsche production cars in the future. 

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