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At Porsche Centre Teesside we carry out the repairs and restoration of Classic Porsche models that have been out of production for ten or more years, up to and including the 996 generation 911 and the 986 generation Boxster. 

Underpinning the excellent Classic repairs and restorations provided by our Porsche-trained Technicians is our use of Porsche Classic Genuine Parts. Our Porsche Centre has access to over 52,000 Classic spare part items that are housed in a state-of-the-art warehousing facility in Germany and dispatched to Porsche Centres around the world.

Porsche Classic Genuine Parts are created by using the original documentation, technical drawings and detailed descriptions, a comprehensive store of samples and the expertise of our staff. More than 1,000 Classic suppliers ensure that each individual part meets the highest requirements.

Below are a few of the latest items from the Porsche Classic range.

Porsche Classic Car Care Kit

The 17-piece Porsche Classic Car Care Kit contains a combination of different products for all exterior surfaces and is suitable for all Porsche paint generations.

Each care product has been tested under the harshest conditions in Weissach to ensure they give the optimum results for all classic Porsche vehicles. All products in the kit can be ordered separately when you need replacements.

Included in the 17-piece kit is car shampoo, wheel cleaner, wheel cleaner with brush set, plastic cleaner, tyre cleaner, window cleaner, microfibre cloth, chamois leather, cleaning clay, paintwork polish, hard wax, three-piece sponge set and a luxury pepita-designed storage bag.

Porsche Classic radio navigation system

The classic design radio navigation system is suitable for all classic Porsche vehicles with a 1-DIN opening, including the 911 F-model, to the 911 Type 993, and for four- and eight-cylinder vehicles (except the Porsche 356).

There are interfaces for iPhone®, iPod®, USB and AUX, through which external music sources can be operated via the display.

Thanks to Bluetooth®, it is possible to make telephone calls from the car – with an internal and external microphone.

993 shock absorbers

The Porsche Classic team in Germany realised that 993 owners would face problems if their shock absorbers became defective as the standard parts originally made for those chassis were no longer available. So Porsche Classic has reissued them and the result is a product that combines the latest technology with the highest Porsche standards.

By changing the front and rear axle shock absorbers you will be giving your Porsche its original roadholding and, to ensure we are offering customers the original driving experience, there are two versions available: one for the 993 and one for the 993 Turbo sports suspension.

Porsche Classic motoroil

The engine is the heart of every Porsche, and air-cooled flat engines place particular demands on a lubricant. In short: not just any engine oil is suitable for older flat engines.

In collaboration with the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach, the Porsche Classic experts have developed two variants of the Porsche Classic engine oil with the specific aim of meeting the demands of the 356 and 911 models (including the 993 model).

Please contact our Aftersales team for details on Classic Parts and how we can help restore your Classic Porsche to its original condition.