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Porsche New Car Guarantee

Porsche New Car Guarantee and Porsche Assistance cover

Every new Porsche comes with a three year New Car Guarantee and three years Porsche Assistance cover with unlimited mileage, valid all around the world and provides comprehensive bumper to bumper coverage against all manufacturing defects. 

When your New Car Guarantee and Porsche Assistance cover comes to an end we may contact you offering the option to extend your protection with a Porsche Approved Warranty and / or Porsche Assistance cover. You may purchase a Porsche Approved Warranty at any time during your New Car Guarantee, and if you do this in the first year you do not need to pay for a 111 point check. You may purchase a Porsche Assistance policy at any time during or after your New Car Guarantee with no further check required.

Porsche Approved Warranty

Porsche Approved Warranty

Please note: The advertised price of all Porsche Approved Cars includes both an optional Porsche Approved Warranty insurance product and also a separately optional Porsche Assistance insurance product with both products for at least 2 years cover. 

The Porsche Approved Warranty is an insurance product which provides comprehensive cover comparable with the Porsche New Car Guarantee. The Porsche Approved Warranty can be purchased from our Porsche Centres for any Porsche that meets the eligibility criteria; either to extend an existing Porsche Approved Warranty or the Porsche New Car Guarantee, or where a car does not have any existing cover. The Porsche Approved Warranty can be purchased with a term of either one or two years. 

Unless purchased during the first 12 months of the New Car Guarantee, a Porsche Approved Warranty can only be purchased if your car undergoes a 111 point check at one of our Porsche Centres (charge applies). The Porsche Approved Warranty is available for purchase until your car has covered up to 125,000 miles and is under 14 years old for a 1 year policy (or is under 13 years old for a 2 year policy).

Porsche Parts Warranty
Every Porsche Genuine Part fitted to your Porsche by a Porsche Centre comes with a 2 year Parts Warranty. This warranty is only applicable if a repair/part is not paid for by Porsche or is completed/replaced under a Porsche Approved Warranty policy or the New Car Guarantee. 

Porsche Assistance

Porsche Assistance

The comprehensive three year Porsche Assistance roadside assistance service is included with all new Porsches, to assist you in the unlikely event of a breakdown anywhere in Europe. The service features:

- Unique Porsche-trained roadside patrols in the UK carrying Porsche space-saver wheels, able to fit
- Porsche batteries and other parts to facilitate roadside repairs
- Incident management by Porsche-trained advisers to manage your case and treat you and your incident on an individual basis
- Premium class compact saloon replacement vehicle for up to four days in the UK whilst your Porsche is repaired at a Porsche Centre (subject to availability)
- European onward travel and accommodation (if repairs cannot be made at roadside)
- Redelivery of your repaired vehicle to your home or temporary address.
- Replacement driver to drive your car to your destination or the UK (if elsewhere in Europe) if you are ill or injured
- Recovery or repair even if you’ve been on a track-day (as long as your vehicle can be reached from a publicly accessible road)
- If you’ve been involved in an accident Porsche Assistance will provide you with onward mobility and recover your vehicle to a Porsche Centre Approved Body Repairer.

Upon expiry of the three years Porsche Assistance service, you may wish to purchase the Porsche Assistance Insurance product policy for a one or two year duration which provides comparable comprehensive breakdown cover. The Porsche Assistance product is available to purchase at our Porsche Centres or directly via calling Porsche Assistance on 0800777123 subject to your Porsche satisfying the eligibility criteria.